"Golden Fleece of Mersea"

Sparkman & Stephens are one of the world's leading yacht designers and as such have designed some of the most successful and beautiful yachts ever launched, particularly in the 1960's and 70's for America's Cup and Admiral's Cup competitions. These boats are now classics in the same way that vintage Bentleys are classic automobiles and they need to be preserved.

When Michael Wheeler, the current owner of Golden Fleece discovered her in a sorry state in Durban, South Africa in 1999 he could not walk away and let her continue to deteriorate further. He purchased her and committed himself to restore her to her former glory without knowing exactly what this would entail. Altogether it took over 10 years and the story makes fascinating reading.

The restoration is now complete and a classic example of yachting history has been saved. When not being used by the owner's family Golden Fleece is available for corporate and family charter for those who would like to experience the sailing qualities of these iconic designs and to learn more about the amazing restoration project.